After the great success of the Health Seminar on 30th October, David Wolfe will come back to the Netherlands to give a training on the weekend of 5-6 May 2012. For a select group, David will give his ‘best training ever’. This advanced training is not intended for everyone and is only suitable for those sincerely interested in improving their health or for those working in the health industry.


The subjects offered during the training will include:

Saturday 5th May 2012: Day 1

  • Supernutrition including superfoods, superherbs, vitamins, minerals, salt, …
  • Cleanse nourish detoxify
  • Hot – cold hydrotherapy

Sunday 6th May 2012 Day 2

  • The psychology of peak performance
  • How to have the best day ever every day
  • Shocking discoveries in self transformation made in the 20th century
  • The brand new you
  • Activating genius
  • Longevity as a success strategy

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On the 5th and 6th of May 2012, David Wolfe will share the insights of his 15 years experience and expertise:.

  • Learn with the Master of Raw Foods
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Add YEARS to Your Life
  • Double Your Physical Energy

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David Wolfe Biography
With a masters degree in nutrition, and a background in science and mechanical engineering, David Wolfe is considered one of the world’s top authorities on natural health, nutrition, herbalism, chocolate, and organic superfoods. Leading the field with his vision, mission, education, and business, David has over 15 years of dedicated experience and understanding of the inner workings, the delicate chemistry, and hardcore mechanics of the human body and how the body is affected by the modern-day stressors of today’s fast-paced, over-worked, and unbalanced lifestyle, which is literally a “killer” to our beauty, health, and longevity.

As the author of many best-selling books like Eating for Beauty and The Sunfood Diet Success System, David Wolfe empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health even up against all the modern-day demands of technology, environmental pollution, commuting, and inflation. By making simple, informed decisions, David shows us that we can all enjoy quality time for ourselves and with our family, because, after all, Health is Wealth!
David is a living example of the next frontier of success technology. David is a sound believer in the power of the dollar to bring eco-friendly living into the mainstream and teaches, through his work, how by practicing just a few key principles anyone can improve their health, fashion, physical appearance, and sense of well-being.

In addition to running one of the busiest schedules anyone has ever seen and setting the standard and precedent for the highest-quality level of clean, organic and fair-trade superfoods, David Wolfe privately consults and inspires the ordinary into the extraordinary and the extraordinary into “peak states of flow.”His celebrity fan base includes Woody Harrelson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anthony Robbins, Angela Bassett, and many others.
A highly sought after health and personal success speaker, David has given over 2000 live lecture events in the past 15 years. Today, David Wolfe continues to share the stage in the company of Anthony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, T. HarvEker, John Gray, Les Brown, Barbara DeAngelis,Brian Tracy, and many more.

"Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe's knowledge and understanding of raw food nutrition. Eating for Beauty will open your eyes to the hidden treasures of a healthy diet and open your body to a fulfilling and vital existence."

­ Anthony Robbins, America's foremost success coach, bestselling author of Unlimited Power


Practical Information
Date: 5 – 6 May 2012
Time: 08.30 tot 20.00 *

Location: Residénce Fontaine Royale
Dr. Willem Dreesweg 1,
1185 VA Amstelveen (near Amsterdam)
The Netherlands

Investment: € 1.297 incl BTW
Early booking discount valid until the 30th April 2012
6 x € 197 or 1 payment of € 1.147 incl. BTW.

Special for the clients of Raw Superfoods.

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* Attentie: uit enthousiasme bestaat de mogelijkheid dat David extra waarde toevoegt aan zijn programma, eindtijd is daarom bij benadering en hou rekening met mogelijke uitloop. David Wolfe training 2012